Private Local Boat Tour -

Enjoy the astonishing sea outside of Alanya on your own terms. We offer you this private boat tour with your own local captain on his cozy boat. The captain gives you suggestions on where to stop based on his local knowledge and the weather conditions. Most of the times, we enjoy the breathtaking Pirate Cave, Love Cave and Fosfor Cave. Furthermore, we see the beautiful Cleopatra Beach from the seaside, which is an amazing scenery. You and your family and friends decide how long time to stop at the different spots. This is a different experience than joining a classic boat excursion. You can fully relax in the company of your friends and family while the boat sails peacefully in the beautiful crystal-clear sea of Alanya, enjoying the surroundings and being in full contact with the sea. When we stop, you can choose to jump into the water, swim, free dive, if you wish or just relax on the boat with a cold drink.

7 Gün 24 Saat
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