Relax Boat Tour -

Cozy wooden boat.

Experience this relaxed wooden boat that takes maximum 40 people. We offer you to join this amazing tour. Pure relaxation in a cozy environment. No party and no foam. It is pure enjoyment in the astonishing sea around Alanya.

The boat tour starts going east, where it is calmer and more relaxing, contrarywise most of the other tours that starts the tour going west.

When the other boat tours have passed by the famous places such as the old shipyard, the famous caves such as The Love Cave, The Phosphor cave and The Pirate Cave, we will then visit these astonishing places without any disturbances.

We will enjoy a great lunch on the boat consisting of chicken, creamy pasta, salat and fruit. Soda and water are included in in the price.

A day not to be missed

7 Gün 24 Saat
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